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Welcome to Ohh Bow She Didn't 

Hello, Welcome to our website here we stock all our hair accessory needs, From baby headbands to toddler hair clips, Hair bows and scrunchies. They are all handmade and made by myself in the house. 

Introduce yourself - My name is Karlie and I'm 31 years old, I'm married and we have 5 children together, We have a lopped ear bunny, a tortoise shell cat and a beautiful XL puppy. I like sewing and creating different craft items, I like spending time with my children and making hair accessories and cleaning.

I decided to make hair accessories after having 3 girls I couldn't find many accessories that matched or fit my daughters, Also I needed to find a job that fit around my children as 3 of them have special needs and trying find something to suit hours around my children was very hard, Then lockdown and covid started a year after creating "Ohh Bow She Didn't".

As the years have gone now we have perfected the accessories to high standard, Scrunchies are still new but we tested them out for 6 months before we sold them and we have so many positive reviews on them.

Since then we have found a passion for sewing and have progressed more to selling scrunchies than our other products, Our hair bows are very popular during school seasons and our feltie clips are popular with our little customers.

Please note that every order we appreciate so much small or big we love them all, and every order makes our dreams come true and as a small business owner we still do happy dance after every order. 

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